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North Carolina's Laws Regarding

Overglow and Underglow lights

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North Carolina law does not restrict additional vehicle lighting which would include neon underglow or overglow. Therefore it’s our conclusion that in North Carolina neon underglow or overglow is not illegal, assuming you follow these restrictions:

  • Never use colors blue or red.

  • Do not display amber flashing lights.

  • White color visible from the back of the vehicle is not permitted.

Do not flash your glorails unless in an emergency for example changing out a tire on the highway

(a) It is unlawful for any person to install or activate or operate a red light in or on any vehicle in this State [emergency vehicles excluded]

(c) It is unlawful for any person to possess a blue light or to install, activate, or operate a blue light in or on any vehicle in this State, except for a publicly owned vehicle used for law enforcement purposes or any other vehicle when used by law enforcement officers in the performance of their official duties. As used in this subsection, unless the context requires otherwise, “blue light” means any blue light installed on a vehicle after initial manufacture of the vehicle

Currently our mobile App that is in finalization will allow the device to detect the smart phones tower location and what state that tower is in and restrict the user from selecting any illegal colors in that state. The user will also be able to select his or hers state via the smart phone App. With this App we hope to convince law enforcement in this state to allow us to sell our Smart Glorails in North Carolina.

So currently we can't sell our RGB models in this state however we can make static color sets that are legal based on the above info.

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