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Glorails Models

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Signal Glorails and RGB Glorails models
16 Million colors to choose from. Match your trucks colors.
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All Models can connect directly to the tail light (running lights slot) module easily.
This is the easiest and quickest way to install them. No messing with too many wires. Find the running lights wires and connect the controller's Positive and Negative wires to those two wires. The power source Connector's are reversible near the controller if your polarity is wrong and this goes for all existing Glorails models. You will be able to turn these off with your smart phone and it can be saved in the controller memory for your next power up setting. Alternatively we also use the tag light power source on most makes except for GMC or Chevrolet trucks. On these trucks the trailer hitch connector or tail light module are preferred.
With the signal Glorails how to install them is dependent on your personal preference like do you want them to come on when you turn your lights on or not. 
If you do not want them to come on automatically you will need to use a switch and or find a constant 12v supply and they will not be dependent on your existing lighting system
The RGB models tubing are white when off and are made from extruded (XT) Acrylic glass. unsurpassed resistance to aging and weathering. highly transparent (Clear: 92% light transmission). brilliant. break-resistant.
             RGB Bluetooth Electronics                                                                   Red/Amber Signal Glorails - Poly-carbonate
You can post questions by joining our Facebook Group located by clicking here
On-Road or Off-road automotive accent lighting source.
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