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Michigan Laws Regarding

Over glow and Under glow lights

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Michigan law explicitly prohibits additional vehicle lighting while the vehicle is on public roads. Therefore it’s our conclusion that in Michigan neon overglow or underglow is illegal while driving..
Installing overglow or underglow in state of Michigan is not illegal, but make sure you use it only on private property.
The customer is ultimately responsible to know their states laws and that they will operate this product accordingly. You are at risk in this state...



However our "Red , White & Amber Signal Glorails" are arguably legal in this state since they can function like an additional turn signal or just running lights.



RGB Models can be dimmed to any states legal lumen standards.

Unless both covered and unlit, a vehicle operated on the highways of this state shall not be equipped with a lamp or a part designed to be a reflector unless expressly required or permitted by this chapter or that meets the standards prescribed in 49 CFR 571.108. A lamp or a part designed to be a reflector, if visible from the front, shall display or reflect a white or amber light; if visible from either side, shall display or reflect an amber or red light; and if visible from the rear, shall display or reflect a red light, except as otherwise provided by law.

(5) The use or possession of flashing, oscillating, or rotating lights of any color is prohibited except as otherwise provided by law, or under the following circumstances: [police vehicle, fire vehicle, ambulance, authorized emergency vehicle,

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