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Georgia Laws Regarding

Over glow and Under glow lights

Georgia law does not restrict additional aftermarket vehicle lighting which would include neon overglow or underglow. Therefore it’s our conclusion that in Georgia neon overglow or underglow is not illegal, as long as you follow these restrictions
Not all model Glorails are legal in this state.
Our RGB Glorails have these forbidden colors. However we are currently developing a controller omitting these colors and this model will be legal in this state in the near future.
  • Red, blue, violet and green colors are expressly forbidden - Currently we can't sell you our RGB Glorails models except to police departments or for emergency vehicle use. But we do offer LED static colored Glorails that can be legal. Message below for price

  • License plate illumination must be white

  • Flashing lights are prohibited except in an emergency like changing flat tire on the interstate.

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(b) Nothing in this article shall be construed to prohibit the use of additional parts and accessories on any vehicle, which use is not inconsistent with the provisions of this article.

The color in all lighting equipment covered in this title shall be in accordance with Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Standard J578, April, 1965, as thereafter revised or amended.

(a) (1) Except as provided in this paragraph and subsection (b) of this Code section, it shall be unlawful for any person, firm, or corporation to operate any motor vehicle equipped with or containing a device capable of producing any blue lights, whether flashing, blinking, revolving, or stationary, except:

(A) Motor vehicles owned or leased by any federal, state, or local law enforcement agency;

(B) Motor vehicles with a permit

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