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Florida Laws Regarding

Over glow and Under glow lights

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Florida law does not restrict additional aftermarket vehicle lighting which would include neon overglow or underglow. Therefore it’s our conclusion that in Florida neon overglow or underglow are legal, as long as you follow these restrictions:
Rear to near rear side mounted devices that function with or in conjunction with existing vehicles signaling system is legal.
  • Red lights may not be visible from the front of the car : (Our Glorails are not visible from the front)

  • Blue colored lights are prohibited on any part of the vehicle

  • All lights on the rear of the vehicle must be red : (Our Glorails are side mounted and can be considered rear mounted in some situation's depending on the Glorails model)

  • Flashing lights are prohibited except in emergency

  • License plate illumination must be white


(1) No person shall drive or move or cause to be moved any vehicle or equipment upon any highway within this state with any lamp or device thereon showing or displaying a red or blue light visible from directly in front thereof except for certain vehicles hereinafter provided.

(2) It is expressly prohibited for any vehicle or equipment, except police vehicles, to show or display blue lights. However, vehicles owned, operated, or leased by the Department of Corrections or any county correctional agency may show or display blue lights when responding to emergencies

(7) Flashing lights are prohibited on vehicles except as a means of indicating a right or left turn, to change lanes, or to indicate that the vehicle is lawfully stopped or disabled upon the highway

However our "Red & Amber Signal Glorails" are legal in this state since they function like a rear turn signal or side turn signal or hazard system.
Flashing colored lights are illegal except in an actual emergency or life threatening situation! "example" Changing flat tire on the interstate...
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