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Colorado Laws Regarding

Over glow and Under glow lights

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Colorado law does not restrict additional aftermarket vehicle lighting which would include neon overglow or underglow. Therefore it’s appears that in Colorado neon overglow or underglow is not illegal
All Model Glorails are legal in this state since these are rear mounted and not visible from the front if properly dimmed and if you follow the restrictions found below for more detailed info about this states laws they are linked on the top right of this page. It is your responsibility to verify....

(2) Every authorized emergency vehicle, except those used as undercover vehicles by governmental agencies, shall [...] be capable of displaying a flashing, oscillating, or rotating red light to the front and to the rear having sufficient intensity to be visible at five hundred feet in normal sunlight. In addition to the required red light, flashing, oscillating, or rotating signal lights may be used which emit blue, white, or blue in combination with white.

(3) A police vehicle, when used as an authorized emergency vehicle, may but need not be equipped with the red lights specified in this section.

(4) Any authorized emergency vehicle, including those authorized by section 42-4-222, may be equipped with green flashing lights [...] Any other use of a green light by a vehicle shall constitute a violation of this section.


(1) A person shall not be in actual physical control of a vehicle, except an authorized emergency vehicle as defined in section 42-1-102 (6), that the person knows contains a lamp or device that is designed to display, or that is capable of displaying if affixed or attached to the vehicle, a red or blue light visible directly in front of the center of the vehicle.

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